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Igor Mazepa launches an award for technology companies and startups


Igor Mazepa, investment banker, CEO and owner of Concorde Capital investment company (based in Kyiv, Ukraine), launches the Mazepa Awards to reward world-changing technology companies and people who invest in innovation. It will be the biggest event in the world of technological investments in Ukraine.

The nominees of Mazepa Awards will be awarded on April 15, 2022. Awards will be given in 10 categories:

The longlists of nominees are currently secret, but some names will be released in early December. All nominees will be announced in January, and then online voting will be launched. Based on the results, shortlists of nominees will be developed.

In March 2022, the jury will select the winner in each category of the Mazepa Award, except for the Grand Prix. The Grand Prix will be determined by the guests of the award ceremony: they will choose the best of the winners in all Mazepa Awards.

“The future of the Ukrainian investment industry is innovation,” says Igor Mazepa, CEO of Concorde Capital investment company. Therefore, Igor decided to base the award on the intersection of investment and technology. Look at the statistics: in 2020, exports of Ukrainian IT services amounted to a record $5 billion, which is almost 20% higher than the previous year.

"With this award, we are shifting the focus from old millionaires to new billionaires. The face of the elite is changing before our eyes. Young lions are raising hundreds of millions in rounds and creating thousands of companies from scratch. They need help, they need to invest. Creating a successful startup company is an extremely difficult job, like rolling a cube. It deserves the highest recognition," said Igor Mazepa .

Concorde Capital is a Ukrainian investment company founded in 2004 by Igor Mazepa. Over the years, the company has attracted more than $4 billion in investments for Ukrainian companies. In 2018, Concorde Capital took first place in the category "Best Analyst in the Ukrainian market" in the annual ranking of Cbonds Awards for the CIS region.