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Igor Mazepa

Igor Mazepa, Ukrainian investment banker, CEO and Founder of Concorde Capital Ukrainian investment company, is among Ukraine’s most recognized financial players, having spent more than two decades helping investors navigate the Ukrainian market.

Concorde Capital is Ukraine’s leading investment company offering a full spectrum of brokerage and investment banking services. In its 14 years on the market, the company has attracted more than USD 3 bln in investment for Ukrainian companies.


Igor Aleksandrovich Mazepa was born on July 2, 1976 in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital. He earned double major degrees from Kyiv National Economic University - International economics and Law.

Igor Mazepa’s career began in 1997 at Prospects Investments company in Kyiv. In 2000, he was appointed Executive Director of Foyil Securities New Europe, a company that traded securities. In 2002, he became managing director of MFK Investment Bank.

In 2004, Igor Mazepa launched his own company, Concorde Capital, building it into a resilient leader in Ukraine’s investment scene that has provided investors will reliable counsel and foresight in navigating the Ukrainian turbulent events.

Mr. Mazepa was among the founders of the Ukrainian Exchange securities trading platform. Between 2008 and 2016, he served as Head of its Board of Directors.

Between August 2014 and July 2016, Igor Mazepa was independent member of the Supervisory Board of Ukreximbank (100% state-owned bank).

Between November 2016 and August 2018, Igor served on the Supervisory Board for Ukrsotsbank (one of the largest universal banks of Ukraine).

Investment projects

Igor Mazepa has invested in the Dobrobut medical network, Ukraine’s first private chain of medical clinics. He has also invested in GoodLife Park, an elite residence in suburban of Kyiv.

Recent activities

Igor Mazepa and Concorde Capital team are experts in M&A, debt restructuring fund raising (debt and equity) to Ukrainian companies

Also one of the focus area of Concorde Capital expertise is privatization.

In 2018 Concorde Capital team was chosen as an investment advisor for privatization of the following state-owned assets in Ukraine:

The Cabinet of Ministers in November 14, 2018 approved Concorde Consulting, a part of the Concorde Capital group of companies, as investment adviser for privatization of the President Hotel in Kyiv. We are prepared to create one of the first success stories in the story of the new privatization process in Ukraine. We intend to openly inform society and the government about our work. In particular, I would like to note that during the last three months, we as well as the Fund have already felt pressure from certain forces attempting to undermine this big privatization” – commented the news Igor Mazepa.

At the same time Igor states that Ukraine fulfilled its privatization plan only three times in its history: two of those times it sold the same enterprise, Kryvorizhstal in different periods. The third time was when it sold Ukrtelecom. All other times, regardless of state budget plans, there was a large lack of financing under the privatization article. So there are reasons for doubts and resisting. But he hopes that this time privatization will be successful.

Igor Mazepa comments privatization in Ukraine: challenges and benefits



Igor enjoys alpine skiing, rowing and yachting, which he does throughout his travels. He is a curious traveler.

Igor Mazepa: New York City. World’s leading financial city. Autumn 2018 Igor Mazepa: Gobi Desert, Mongolia. Summer 2018 Igor Mazepa: Summit of Mont Blanc. Summer 2018
New York City. World’s leading financial city. Autumn 2018 Gobi Desert, Mongolia. Summer 2018 Summit of Mont Blanc. Summer 2018

He also likes football, fishing, horse riding and loves morning jogging. Igor enjoys helicopter piloting.

Morning jugging. Indian ocean. Summer 2018

Morning jugging. Indian ocean. Summer 2018

Igor is saying that travelling, opening new countries is the best investment in himself.

Community and social activity

Since 2015, Mazepa has been the board chairman of Price of the State, an organization that explains to Ukrainians the nation’s key economic issues and challenges, while at the same time promoting democracy and free markets in Ukraine.

Igor Mazepa sponsors Ukraine’s national rowing team, as well as Kyiv rowing school for juniors.

One of the national rowing team members is Diana Dymchenko, European bronze medallist from Strathclyde) and Sweden’s 2017 U23 World Champion Lovisa Claesson. Igor sponsors participation of Diana Dymchenko in international competitions. In 2018 Diana became a Champion in 2018 World Rowing Championship, in Toronto, returning home with a gold medal.

Igor Mazepa: Diana Dymchenko, Champion in 2018 World Rowing Championship, in Toronto

Diana Dymchenko, Champion in 2018 World Rowing Championship, in Toronto

Igor Mazepa also supports charity. He took part in a charity event – GivingTuesdy2018 (#ShchedryiVivtorok), organized and held by charitable foundations.The task was to collect 5 million UAH to buy a neurosurgical microscope for the Pediatric neurosurgery in Ukraine at the Okhmatdyt clinic. Purchase of a microscope will allow to carry out special operations and help to save 100 children's lives every year.

Igor Mazepa: GivingTuesday2018. Kyiv. 30 November 2018

Igor Mazepa: GivingTuesday2018. Kyiv. 30 November 2018


On the challenges and risks for Ukraine (May 2019)

A whole series of risks await us in the near future. The main one is the labor market, which is constantly depleting. Millions of Ukrainian citizens are leaving Ukraine every few years. As a result, the value of labor in Ukraine is rising faster than productivity, according to Concorde Capital estimates. Not less of a significant risk is the debt burden. For the last three years, Ukraine has had to pay about USD 20 bln in debt to international creditors. And that won’t be possible without international support, and without refinancing.

On Ukraine’s place on the investment map (May 2019)

Judging by Ukraine’s credit ratings, we’re in the league of the Third World, not Europe. Angola, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan and Tanzania are all countries with credit ratings slightly higher than Ukraine’s. Congo, Iraq and Lebanon have ratings comparable with Ukraine. This is why it’s so difficult for the government, and private companies, to secure international financing.

On reforms and investments (April 2019)

In essence, Ukraine conducted only two significant reforms of those planned in the last four years. The first involves the banking sector. The National Bank has truly become independent. This is apparent from its monetary and credit policies, as well as its ability to restrain inflation. The second key reform has been introducing corporate governance at state companies. Finally, independent supervisory boards have emerged at the largest state companies (Naftogaz, Ukrzaliznytsia). But many things have truly not occurred. Privatization hasn’t happened. True judicial reform hasn’t happened. Pension, healthcare and land reforms haven’t happened. That’s why new investors aren’t rushing to Ukraine. They need an entire series of understandable, simple and obvious reforms.

On the land moratorium (December 2018)

Investors need a signal on real changes in Ukraine. The 2019 budget, balanced under IMF pressure, is not quite what was needed. It was a necessary measure. Yet a lifting of the moratorium on farmland sale can become the signal that will cause investors to look at Ukraine in a new way. That’s why the moratorium on land is truly a moratorium on investment.


Foreign investors will come to Ukraine only with the presence of real reforms and when we won’t have risks as high as they are now.
Igor Mazepa Investment banker, CEO of Concorde Capital